Where do I start learning Android

resources to learn android programming


Where do I start learning Android?

Basic requirement you should know at-least one programming language. Any apps can be of two types native or hybrid we will see in detail below.


Native app development

Android is a open source platform similar to Java, if you are well versed in java its gonna be a easy pie. Android can be developed using Eclipse or Android Studio (preferable) . Android studio provides all required functions to start with. I have listed here some of the tutorials which are  good starting point

Important topics to learn before you start developing our app

What is Activity and there life cycle?

Help Link

What are different types of layouts?

Different Android versions?









How to setup emulator? I prefer not to use inbuilt emulator rather use Genymotion (Alternative to emulator)


What is fragment and fragment activity?



What is recyclerview and adapter?


What is viewpager and tabs?


How to use sqllite?


How to deploy app to playstore?


If you don’t have any knowledge in coding or don’t have time to learn or code, then checkout appaie.com we offer auto generation of apps and developer sdk to automate app development.

Hybrid App development

I am not going to talk much about hybrid development in this blog. Hybrid development in simple words “Html pages complied as an app” Popular tools like phone gap, xamarin studio helps to convert responsive html pages in to mobile app and to publish easily across platforms.