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About Art of Conquest 

Slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!


• EXPLORE the fallen continent of Drake
• JOURNEY between realms for new challenges
• RAID dragon lairs to collect eggs and train your own dragon
• SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes with powerful abilities
• CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army
• CONTROL hundreds of warriors on a breathtaking field of battle
• CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels
• BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy
• DISCOVER a beautiful, hand-crafted continent
• DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards
• CONQUER the six kingdoms and become Emperor of Nore

More Art of Conquest Tips

1. Starting Heroes

• When you first go into the game, you’ll face a major decision. You’ll be asked to select one of three heroes: Avalon, Avril, or Rufio. Each one has their own specialty. You’ll be able to use the hero you select immediately, whilst the other two can become obtainable in the game at a later time if you are lucky enough to get encounter them. As obtaining a new hero isn’t easy, let’s introduce the very first three heroes in order to make choice that’s right for you.

• Avalon, “Last Hope of Silverwing,” has abilities that keep the archers he leads, and the “Focus Fire” is advantageous against Bosses, but his most crucial ability is “Natural Leader.” This ability is particularly useful to new players since it permits you to place additional units on the battlefield, in addition to enhancing the Supply Cap (essentially troop capacity) for Bronze, Silver, and Gold units. This is often a big help once your troops are running low. Avalon’s “Capture Resources” ability enables you to gain some additional resources after a battle. Early on, when Power and Stamina have been in short supply, this ability is a good choice. Avalon might seem to become support hero, however in the center and end-game, he gets a useful asset in alternative methods.

• Avril the “Ice Mage” can be a mage who may have both DPS and control abilities. Avril is crucial when your army with relatively low power is battling an enemy with higher power. But her abilities require huge amounts of Mana (like Gold, Mana can be a resource which can be spent after a while). “Ice Wall” can divide the battlefield, with enemies struggling to cross it. “Blizzard” can freeze enemy troops. It’s far better to use Avril strategically, once your army is facing a particularly strong opponent.

• Rufio, the “Golden Stallion” deals over 3x the injury when he or she is fully leveled up. Timing “Heroic Leap” to work along with “Chopping Blade,” will deal devastating AOE (Area of Effect) damage to back line units with weak defense. Because of abilities like “Resilience” which are more typical for any tank, you can use “Heroic Leap” when the enemy back-line has range. It’s worth putting many your Ability Points and equipment towards Rufio, as he’s basically a “Boss-Level” hero.

• Avalon is advantageous at any stage of the sport, specially when fighting bosses. Avril’s control abilities can turn your army into an effective force against formidable enemies early in the game. Meanwhile Rufio’s DPS capability comes in handy throughout the end-game. In the end, who you choose comes down to personal preference. Besides choosing your hero, there are numerous core features that you should addressed finally this guide.

2. Upgrading Abilities

• First, put what you can do points towards the default ability, then your support ability, your control ability, by leaving your DPS ability for later. You must distribute your skill points between abilities wisely. Don’t spend all of them on the active ability, because it won’t be used as frequently as your other abilities.

3. Resources

• Gold, Mana, and Wood are available anytime for the map and may be also generated in your castle. These resources are primarily utilized to upgrade buildings and technology. Blood Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystal are rare resources that can’t be produced with your Castle, but is available around the map. They can be also plundered or earned through opening chests. As soon as they are about the map you need to begin using them. Once you’ve moved out with the capital, it’s simple for your resources to be plundered, so it’s imperative that you level up your warehouse, which boosts the amount of resources that are protected.

• If you are trying to earn rare resources, you can look the map, that can a while. You can also intercept the resource shipments of other players. Immediately after those things inside shop refresh, some rare resources will be available for sale. But these will sell quickly.

4. Upgrading Buildings

• Early in the game, target collecting resources, later in the action you can prioritize increasing your power. It’s recommended to target one type of technology for units. Long range units for example human archers, Dwarven riflemen and tanks, and Lich mages are a good choice. Keep in mind that in case you change races, the dwelling levels will likely be unaffected, but progress on unit technology will likely be lost. Changing races late in the overall game comes in a high price.

5. Unit Strengths and Weaknesses

• Archers are strong against Spearmen, Spearmen are strong against Cavalry, Cavalry are strong against infantry, and Infantry are strong against Archers. Meanwhile some units have few individual soldiers, each with good DPS. Some units only have one soldier, like tanks and spiders. These individual units all have AOE attacks. Units with a lot of soldiers can overwhelm DPS-focused units, DPS-focused units can take down AOE units, and AOE units are effective against units with many soldiers. In battle, front-line troops die most easily, its best to use low level units in these positions, because they can be healed quickly in the hospital. More with the map receives because you level up. It is recommended look around the map for your earliest opportunity, as it’s a simple way to get resources.

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