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Azur Lane Online Hack Unlimited  Gems  2019

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About Azur Lane 

An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined!

・A unique mix of RPG, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined in a beautifully designed anime game
・Easy and intuitive gameplay, built on the concept of 2D side-scroller, is the main feature of Azur Lane
・Organize up to six ships into flotilla, break through enemy gunfire and defeat them!
・Both AI and manually controlled battles are available, choose whatever you like!
・Build your own fleet. Azur Lane has a wide range of warships from all over the world.
・More than 300 ships, each with its unique stats and represented by a beautiful character!
・Live2D interaction technology is available for selected characters

More Azur Lane Tips

Get A Free 6-Star Ship
If you think that 5-star ships are rare, try receiving a 6-star ship. The 6 stars are of an particular form of ship where it is extremely difficult to acquire to during normal play, and you will not get this kind of ship although you may play for weeks. However, if you sign in the game every single day first week, you can find this ship free of charge. Don’t forget to claim your free 6-star ship after you logged in enough, it’s going to be delivered via mail.

Get A Special Skin For Free
If you’re keen on Waifu girls, collecting different skins is also crucial for you. There are many skins in Azur Lane, most are sold for gems. If you do not wish to spend your gems, you can make free skins by completing some event missions. These form of missions are regularly updated and offer a fresh skin every time, so be sure to check them often.

Watch Out For Affinity
Azur Lane includes a very unique mechanic: affinity levels. Your ships have four different levels of emotion, which directly affect how successful they’re around the battlefield. Each ship begins with the “stranger” level. The more you upgrade a ship and let it sit, the greater the level of affinity. Ships that achieve the “crush” level provide several advantages, including shorter cooldown times. But beware: The affinity level can drop effortlessly too. If you use a ship often, this level falls to “upset”. In this case, despite having a solid ship, you might have difficulty winning battles. Think of your ships as real people: Working constantly can cause their morale to deteriorate. Therefore, make sure to change the ships in your fleet frequently and allow them rest.

Pay Attention to Additional Goals
When a battle is finished, the prizes you will get changes as outlined by how efficient you were. You have additional goals in each and every battle and you will win more prizes by completing them. The most common of such additional goals is to end the battle in under 120 seconds. Try to end all battles within just 2 minutes: You will receive more rewards than usual.

Re-Rolling Is Not Your Friend
If you don’t such as the results after building a ship, don’t think about re-rolling and passing it on another go. This tactic that could work in games like Knight Chronicles is completely useless for Azur Lane. First of all, the list of the most useful ships in the game is still unclear, so we don’t have the data that can evaluate the results. However, the most important reason is always that there is only 7% odds of receiving a ship at SR (super rare) level. You may not get the results you desire even though you re-roll for weeks. Azur Lane is quite generous with regards to awarding new ships. So, rather than re-rolling, just keep playing the game.

Maybe It Is Time To Retire
You can retire all ships that you’re not using or haven’t employed for a very long time. There is no time keeping them in your inventory. Instead, you are able to retire them and have resources and “medal of honors” in turn. Medal of honor is a extremely important item because you can exchange them for high-level ships. So employing this method, you can generate high-quality ships totally free. Both choices are available on the ”Build“ screen.

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