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Battle Boom Online Hack Unlimited  Gems and Gold  2019

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About Battle Boom 

Plan out your strategy and deck with the help of +70 unique cards to outsmart real users in quick intense 1v1 realtime strategy battles!

Will your strategy be to swarm the opponent with infantry troops, or perhaps blasting your way through enemy defenses with tanks, or even surprising the enemy with exploding rats? The choice is up to you Commander!

★ Global 1v1 & 2v2 realtime strategy battles vs. real users!
★ Over 70+ military themed cards ready to be unlocked, all fit for their own strategy to BOOM your enemies!
★ Clan system including chat, leaderboard, research system and more!
★ Multiple game modes such as Ranked Mode, Campaign Mode, Casual Mode, Guerrilla Mode designed to make it FUN for everyone!
★ Challenge friends or clanmates to realtime 1v1 fights for fun or to test new strategies!
★ Learn new strategies by watching top players fight it out on BOOM TV!
*Disclaimer: BATTLE BOOM is not an addiction, it’s a necessity!

More Battle Boom Tips

It’s time for it to bring explosions to the battlefield in Battle Boom, a tower defense RTS game! Be the ultimate commander and deploy a number of powerful units, like Riflemen, Flamers, Snipers, and lastly Tanks! With over 70 varieties of units, your army is yours because the combinations are endless! Our Battle Boom cheats and tips will give you some pointers on the way to win about the battlefield.

In Battle Boom, battles are all about knowing which units to make use of so when to deploy them, and we’re here to instruct all of you over it with the Battle Boom cheats, guidelines strategy guide!

Position your units correctly!

Battle Boom is all about timing your unit deployment which means that your positioning is optimal. You’ve learned in the tutorial that you should have your ranged units within the back while your frontline heavy guys push forward. This allows your damage dealers to secure enemies while remaining from harm’s way thanks to your frontline. This is pretty much the foundation of Battle Boom’s combat, so be sure that you’re always positioning your units correctly!

The actual battles of Battle Boom are half active and half planning. Did you know that the most crucial part is probably the planning part? You should know what each unit in your deck can perform.

Knowing is half the battle as they say, and being able to put units inside their best positions around the fly is the key to victory. Some units have high attack power but low health, some have longer range as opposed to runners, and several units deal bonus problems for specific types of units.

Beware of clumping up!

Another good reason to have a variety of units which may have different ranges is always to avoid clumping up. Having a lot of units all bunched up in the same spot is definitely seeking them to get blown up with a Missile or melted with a Firebomb. When you have melee and ranged units attacking from different spots, you are able to a minimum of mitigate many of the damage insurance agencies some units be from range.

Complete missions!

Your mission list can be accessed by the button for the left side with the screen. Once you hit certain player levels, you’ll gain access to new missions. Completing a mission will reward you with precious gold, the currency you should get some new units. You get some gold if you open chests, but completing missions is a good method of getting it too.

Play with the Stages!

The single-player campaign can be accessed by tapping the “Stage” button for the bottom in the main menu. After you complete the tutorial, you’ll be locked out of Stage mode for quite some time. You need a certain amount of ranking points before you can play the next stage, so you’ll have to play in the regular PvP mode for the time being.

However, when you do unlock a stage, you must play through it as soon as you are able to. Not only do stages present you with gold upon completion, but each stage actually shows you with regards to a new unit along with their good and bad points. Playing the stages is a superb way you find out more about every one of the units in the game and you’re rewarded too!

Practice in Casual Mode!

Want to test out new units you’ve not witnessed before? Or do you want to test out a new deck configuration that you’re not too sure about? Play Casual Mode, which could be found beneath the Events. Casual Mode matches you facing another player being a normal battle, but no ranking points are near stake, so you’ll be able to play carefree! This is perfect for checking out and testing new strategies.

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