Breaking bad – the Mobile Game Trailer (RU) Android IOS

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The game was created in collaboration with the creators of the ultra popular television show “Breaking Bad”. Breaking Bad is a strategy based on the plot of the television series, which allows you not only to plunge into the world, built by Heisenberg, but also to make your own adjustments to it. The stakes are high, moral standards are blurred, no one can be relied upon … but despite external threats, the flow of profits should not run dry.

Start your career under the auspices of the legendary duo Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and help them transform their fragile business in a crumbling van with stolen equipment into a powerful empire, whose influence extends far beyond the borders of the country. Find out what it takes to climb to the very top – improve the laboratory, improve the quality of goods, protect the base, create an army and expand the territory of influence.

Create your own empire, hiring such familiar experts as Saul Goodman, Gus Fring, Mike Ermantraut and many other heroes, so beloved by the fans of the series. Raise the level of these specialists so that they help protect the base, increase production, and even lead the gangs of fighters – none of the competitors who have encroached on new territories should go unpunished.

Rebuild the base – there can not be any half measures. Do your best to expand and protect your business. Build and improve new buildings, generate resources and protect your business from enemy attacks.

Develop the laboratory – start small, cook a couple of batches of goods in the infamous van, do not hesitate to sparkle white cowards. Do your best and earn enough influence and resources to rebuild the whole plant with the latest technology, capable of producing tons of high-quality product.

Expand territory – be the one who knocks on the door. As the dealer network expands and product sales grow, new resources and territories will open up for you. Ahead of your enemies and take possession of them first!

Hire a team of specialists and manage them – every specialist you hire has unique skills that will help you in attacking, defending, producing resources or strengthening your influence. Raise the level of specialists to get the maximum benefit from their skills!

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