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Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle royale game. Pick up other players and throw them off the area. Try to survive and be the last one standing. Join this addictive entertainment right now.


Police Car driving Offroad Android IOS gameplay trailer

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Police Car driving Offroad 4×4 INFO:
Take control of 9 police cars (SUV and 4×4) in a huge forest and mountain environment : 16 km² area, 30 km of roads !
Accomplish a lot of variety of missions to become a good cop.

!! Police Car Driving Offroad contains 20 levels !!

Make your choice between city cars, offroad cars, and speed cars.
The system of missions is based on GTA : drive on the map and find one of the 20 spots to launch a mission.
Use the helpful mini map to know where the missions spots are.

The map is very huge, and contains a lot of point of interest.
Like a cascade and a lake, a Japanese temple, a small airport, different houses and farms, ruins, a camping place, and more…
The road system are also very dense, from 2×2 lanes, to very small road of montains, with hill climb.

Example of missions :
– Help the victims after a car accident
– Chase and arrest the cars for speeding
– Follow and train to keep up with police copter with your 4×4
– Protect and escort the president
– Stop and catch all the gangsters with your SUV
– Protect your terrain from wolves
– Drive quickly without hitting the boars
– Finish the course as fast as possible

Features :
– Huge open world, filled with wide open roads, mountains and forests
– Realistic driving simulator
– Realistic physics
– High quality 4×4 vehicles
– Dynamic camera angles
– Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!


PRUNE GAME – iOS / Android Gameplay Trailer

Prune is a love letter to trees. A game about the beauty and joy of cultivation.


With a swipe of a finger, grow and shape your tree into the sunlight while avoiding the dangers of a hostile world. Bring life to a forgotten landscape, and uncover a story hidden deep beneath the soil.

• A unique digital plant for your pocket
• Beautiful, minimalist art and a super clean interface—it’s just you and the trees
• Meditative music and sound design for you to zen out to
• No IAP, no monetization strategy, no currencies
• Share screenshots of your unique tree creations with friends
• Sync progress across all your devices using iCloud

Originally based on an experimental tree generation script, Joel McDonald carefully crafted Prune to perfection over the course of a year. Kyle Preston joined in to add his unique musical signature and sound effects.

—– AWARDS —–

• Winner – Best Upcoming Game – 11th International Mobile Gaming Awards
• Official Selection – Brazil’s FILE Festival
• Runner-Up – IndiePlus “Make Something Great” Contest
• Official Selection – Out of Index Experimental Games Festival

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Sandship: Official Trailer (iOS & Android)

Sandship: Official Trailer (iOS & Android). Play only fresh games on Android & iOS. New Android & iOS Gameplay, Walkthrough, Trailers, Comparison of mobile games.

Only fresh free or paid games every day! Enjoy!

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The world of Sandship takes place after an ancient race of Engineers vanished due to an undisclosed event – over a thousand years ago. Sandship is a game in which you build and maintain your factory, your Sandship. You will be making your resources, researching new devices – and most importantly using your management skills, imagination, and strategy to ensure that your factory is working to its full potential.

Check out your researches to learn new recipes and items and follow along with your quests and contracts in order to succeed in the game. Complete your contracts to receive special crates and gain stuff those Engineers left behind – like artifacts and data cards – all used to help enhance your Sandship!

Unlock dozens of powerful devices and figure out the best chain reaction to always keep your Sandship moving!

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Transformers: Robots in Disguise (by Hasbro, Inc.) – iOS / Android – HD Gameplay Trailer

Transformers: Robots in Disguise by Hasbro, Inc. (iOS / Android)

DOWNLOAD NOW!! THE TRANSFORMERS NEED YOUR HELP! The Insecticons are everywhere and we need your help to defeat them! Take control of your favourite Transformers, collect energon, and unlock power modules to gear up and defeat the Insecticons.

▶TAG TEAM GAMEPLAY:Bumblebee can’t take them all on by himself. Select a teammate to take into battle with you. When Bee gets tired his parner can take over and finish what he started.
Discover lots and lots of new Autobots and Decepticons characters to unlock along the way from
▶CUSTOMIZE your character with new weapons and boosts by collecting Power Modules throughout the game.
▶TRANFORM into Vehicle Mode, rev your engines and smash into your enemies, knocking them out of action!

During 2015 you’ll be able to unlock your new Transformers “Robots in Disguise” Toys in the game by scanning the new Transformers “Shield” icon. (See game for more instructions). All unlocks are available through play, no purchase necessary to enjoy the game.

Other than for downloading and updating the game, Transformers Robots in Disguise game does not require an internet connection (3G or WiFi) and rest easy, it has NO in app purchases.

iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini (Retina)
iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
iPod Touch 4th Gen & 5th Gen
Other devices may be compatible but are not supported.

Hasbro, Transformers and all related logos and character names and trademarks are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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Off The Road – Gameplay Trailer (iOS, Android)

Off The Road – OTR Available on Android and iOS devices!
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Get ready for Dogbyte Games’ newest off-road open world adventure! Climb hills, beat challenges, transport goods or just free roam the massive landscapes, it’s up to YOU! Drive 4×4 off-roaders, trucks, 8-wheeled behemoths, boats, helicopters!

It’s time to explore your private world, it’s time to go Off The Road!

Coming in July 2018 for iOS, Android devices.

Crazy Tank Salon : Kids Design – Android / iOS Game Trailer [HD]

Crazy Tank Salon – Kids Design – Android / iOS Game Trailer [HD] Gameplay

Have you or your kids ever wanted to own your own tank? Build it, wash it, repair it, design cool fire colors for it and doodle all sorts of things on the outside? Well now you can! Paint & Build Your Own Tank is a creative game for kids and boys that gives you all the tools you need to make your own cool fire battle tank from scratch. Build the war machine using tons of different parts, repair it when it gets broken, wash it, then design and doodle themes on the outside so the world knows its yours!
You might think it’s tough to take care of a war tank, but don’t worry, this game makes it easy! Start by choosing a tank and washing all of the dirt from it. Clean tanks are easier to repair, after all. Take the war machine into the hangar so your kids and your boy can start to repair it. Fix everything that’s wrong, then it’s time to have some fun!

Decorate your war tank with all kinds of battle paint and doodle designs. Choose from tons of different colors to paint the outside, then draw cool war designs and battle pictures on the outside. Doodle whatever you like, it’s your tank, after all! Once your boy’s tank is ready, drive it into war and defeat the enemy with high powered fire blasts. Cool!

– Design and build your very own battle tank from scratch.
– Wash the tank, then repair it when it gets broken.
– Paint and decorate the outside however you see fit.
– Doodle pictures, paint it with awesome camouflage colors, etc.
– Perfect for kids and boys of all ages.

How to Play:
– Choose a tank and wash it with soapy suds and water.
– Paint and design the outside of your tank with cool doodles.
– Drive your tank into battle to win the war with fire power!


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Crazy Tank Salon
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Paint and Design! : Kids Tank Builder
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