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Schools of Magic | iOS / Android Gameplay Trailer

Schools of Magic – DIGITAL THINGS SL | iOS / Android Gameplay Trailer

Build and manage your own school of magic and take on powerful wizards and sorcerers to become the most powerful mage in the kingdom.

Schools of Magic is a complete adventure game that combines resource management and real-time combat.

Free the kingdom from the four great schools of magic that hold the world in their tyrannical grasp with dark arts. Defy and defeat druids, arcane mages, priests, and the dreaded necromancers in epic battles of arcane power.

Fight against other players’ wizards in awesome real-time multiplayer duels. Defend your school from the attacks of other wizards and assail rival schools.

Train your wizard in the school, improve the infrastructure to research new spells, and equip yourself with fantastic magic objects you can use in battle.

Enter a world filled with magic and mythological creatures. Orcs, minotaurs, griffons, and other enchanting creatures await you in Schools or Magic.

– School management: develop your school to attract new apprentices, research new spells, and improve your wizard.
– Player vs. Player (PvP): fight against other wizards online in real-time multiplayer battles.
– Campaign: venture into this magic world to defeat the four great wizards who have taken hold of the world using their dark arts.
– Customize your wizard: equip your wizard with hats, caps, robes, capes, rings, and different weapons that grant special powers and skills.

– Fight real-time battles of arcane power.
– Collect different magic objects and weapons to equip your wizard with.
– Challenge other wizards online.
– Discover incredible magic weapons.
– All the game modes can be played for free.
– Invite your friends and play with them in real time.
– Chat with other wizards.
– High-resolution graphics.
– Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Official Game – Trailer Game Gameplay (Android, iOS) HQ

Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Official Game (by Green Gold Animation) – Trailer Game Gameplay (Android, iOS) HQ

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With the style of Kung Fu, Bheem is armed with a passion to take down his enemies. The game portrays a single player as well as a story mode with interesting characters. Fight with your favorite characters to win against all the odds at different stages in the game. Download the official CHHOTA BHEEM KUNG FU DHAMAKA action game from play store and roll your thumbs with strategy!

Chhota Bheem is now packed as an action adventure game in which the characters are lined up to battle against each other. The Kung Fu Game is a sheer display of fury as Chhota Bheem unravels his journey in the Story Mode Criteria of the game.
-Chhota Bheem’s Kung Fu Dhamaka opens various environments to battle
-Choose your favorite player and test your skills
-Move your player and roll your thumbs as the action-packed Kung Fu portrays few phenomenal martial art moves
-Go on a journey worth exploring as Chhota Bheem dives into the world of China fighting the fiercest of enemies
– Train and unleash the key elements for a better stand against the enemies
– Pitch your character skills and hit your daily achievements by earning points
– Flow with the story and fight against the adverse situations

Help Chhota Bheem Defeat Evil Master and Save China. To experience the Kung Fu Dhamaka Saga in Story Mode or in a Single Player Mode, download the Official Chhota Bheem’s action-adventure Kung Fu Dhamaka Game Now!
Pick, Train and FIGHT !!!!

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Granny – Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

Granny – Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

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Granny – Free

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Welcome to Granny.

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

Good luck!

The game contains advertisement.

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New Pokemon Game Ultra Pokemon! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu GBA – Android IOS Gameplay Trailer

New Pokemon Game! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu GBA

Android : Coming Soon
IOS : Coming Soon
Emulator : GBA
Kevin Pokéfan Channel :
Game Are Now Complete Only First Day Download Receive Mew
Demo : This Version is Demo Version All features in videos come out in full version

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu GBA is a Rom Hack being Made by Kevin Pokéfan
This Rom Hack Contains Alolan Forms, In Battle Mega Evolution, The Newest Pokemons Meltan & Melmetal, Shiny Pokemon, Amazing Features Like you can see wild Pokémon Above the Grass as Original Let’s Go Games.
This Game is being Developed by Kevin Pokéfan, C Cai Sar & Mega Greninja!
thanks to all of you for the support you are giving to this project which takes almost 6 months …
Just have a little more patience, the game will be out soon.



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Real Racing In Car – Game Trailer [Android/iOS Game Play]

“Real Racing in Car” is the most realistic 3D endless arcade racing game available for mobile phones and tablets. It gives you a real driving in car experience in the busy traffic roads and highways.
In this furious traffic racing take as many Close calls possible and earn gold coins to unlock new environments…Prove that you are the best traffic racer by scoring high scores!!!

– Four lane Traffic simulation (One way/Two way)
– Realistic Driver view/Cockpit view and Steering Controls
– Graphically rich 3D environments (Village Highway, Rocky Terrain and Snow Highway)
– Smooth and easy handling
– Life-like animations
– Additive gaming experience

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Town of Salem – iOS and Android Launch Trailer

Town of Salem will be launching on iOS and Android on October 14th. Read more here:

All gameplay captured on iPhone X and Google Pixel 2.

On phones and tablets, Town of Salem is the same murder mystery game you know from PC, but with a brand new User Interface and new features.


PAC MAN MONSTERS – Universal – HD (iOS / Android) Gameplay Trailer

PAC-MAN MONSTERS by GREE, Inc. / Namco Bandai Games (iOS / Android)

One of the most beloved video game heroes PAC-MAN is back in mobile games in this simple free-to-play puzzler!

– Control PAC-MAN with a swipe to gobble up pellets.
– The more pellets PAC-MAN eats, the stronger the attack your fellow monsters inflict on enemies.
– Embark on an adventure with your own team selected from more than 100 unique monsters from all over PAC-LAND.

Simple yet engaging puzzler
– Simply swipe the pellets and PAC-MAN will eat them up! Make a line of pellets in the same color to inflict more damage on your enemies!

Trigger Fever mode to beat ghosts!
– Ghosts are in your way! Eat power pellets to trigger Fever mode and enable PAC-MAN to beat ghosts. The more ghosts PAC-MAN beats, the higher the chance of Fever mode gets!

More than 100 quests to explore
– More than 100 levels await you in the PAC-LAND. Some special limited levels are only available on weekdays. Challenge yourself to clear all the levels and save PAC-LAND!

More than 100 unique monsters
– Find wonder eggs during the adventure and hatch monsters from them. You can also grow and evolve them to make them stronger. Create your own best monster team!

This game is great for people who:
– Love puzzlers
– Are new to puzzle games
– Are looking for easy to play games

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