Dragonvale Hack Cheats Get Gems Coins 2019 android/ios

DragonVale is an iOS game developed by Backflip Studios as they embrace today’s free-to-play market. Aside from the fact that it comes for free, gamers also liked it because of its unique features that allow them to breed dragons, buy islands, and use them for expanding their own dragon parks. 

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has played the game for quite some time, you’ll find the cheats handy, especially when you are having a hard time on breeding dragons, earning money, and providing food for your dragon pets.

With that being said, this article will provide everything you need to know about DragonVale cheats and secrets for you to be able to build your dream dragon park in no time.

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A little bit more about the game

How to Get Fast Money at Low Levels

To get money fast and efficiently at the starting levels of the game, you must breed a plant and lightning dragon for you to get a cactus dragon.

Typically, it takes only 30 minutes to produce an egg and another 30 minutes for hatching.

Once hatched, you can sell for as much as 100,000 dragon cash.

Therefore, if you do this continuously for 24 hours, you’ll be able to earn 2,400,000 dragon cash.

As the game advances, you’ll have better dragons to breed and sell.

But if you are looking for the fastest way to earn a decent amount of money, then this method is the best way to go.

How to Get Gems with Dragons and Eggs 

To get sufficient amount of cash for buying gems, try babysitting your dragons. Or you can simply place your dragons on sale, especially those of rarer breeds, to earn gems.

Other Ways to Get Gems

You may not get much gems on visiting your friends’ parks, but it is still worthy than nothing. At one time each day, there will be little party hats on your friend’s island during each visit.

Once you touch a party hat, you’ll be able to get certain rewards in the form of money. However, the amount you will get depends on how large your friend’s park has become.

Best Ways to Spend Gems

Gems can be used in purchasing rare eggs and dragons. Additionally, they can be used in buying other game essentials in the market.

Gems speed up certain processes within the game including hatching of eggs, growing dragons, and park expansion by letting the players purchase other islands. And because an island normally has bushes, rocks, and trees, you’ll have to clear them up as you expand your dragon park.

You can do this by using gems as well. However, the larger the bushes, rocks, or trees are, the greater are the number of gems you will need to get rid of them

Unlockable Achievements

In order to unlock the achievements on the Apple Game Center, certain tasks must be accomplished. Below is the list of achievements and the corresponding tasks they require to unlock.

  • Air Competitor – To get this achievement, you need to obtain a gold trophy from the Colosseum in an air dragon occasion. 
  • Cold Competitor – This time, you’ll need to obtain the gold trophy from the Colosseum in a cold dragon occasion. 
  • Earth Competitor – Obviously, you’ll acquire this achievement once you receive a sold trophy from the Colosseum in an earth dragon occasion. 
  • Fire Competitor – Here, you need to get a gold trophy in a fire dragon occasion. 
  • Lightning Competitor – After receiving a gold trophy in a lightning dragon occasion, you’ll get this achievement as a reward. 
  • Plant Competitor – As the name implies, you need to receive a gold trophy in a plant dragon occasion to get this achievement. 
  • Metal Competitor – Like other achievements above, you have to receive a gold trophy from the Colosseum during a metal dragon occasion. 
  • Breeder – By simply breeding any 2 dragons, you can unlock this achievement. 
  • Double Rainbow – Acquiring and hatching 2 rainbow dragons will give you this achievement. 
  • Every Last One – Once you acquire every type of dragon in the game, you’ll instantly receive this achievement. 

Tips, tricks, advice and humor from the sages at Dragonvale – as seen on the game’s loading screen.

1 Visit your friends’ parks for cash bonuses. Just tap the party hats! 
2 It is possible to breed every dragon with the right combinations and enough patience. 
3 Have you grown a Sarjin Pepper? Try upgrading your treat farms. 
4 Due to their special Gem creating magic, Gemstone dragons cannot breed with dragons. 
5 The Dragonsai Gifting Tree allows you to give more gems to your friends. 
6 Do not pet the Cactus dragon. 
7 The Volcano decoration now explodes! It’s still safe for guests… ish. 
8 You can upgrade your Hibernation Cave to increase the number of dragons it stores. 
9 We’re 83% certain that it’s 100% safe to keep Poison dragons near paths. 
10 The Gemstone Island is made up of four habitats and cannot be decorated. 
11 Silver Shrines allow your dragons to go beyond level 10. 
12 You can send your dragons on quests from the Perch of Kairos to find fragments! 
13 Is the Blue Fire dragons breath hot or cold? 
14 Try upgrading buildings. It can only help. 
15 After buying a Plant Shrine, lvl 10 Plant dragons in your park help the Shrine transform. 
16 Use Boost Buildings to increase your income. 
17 You can win gems by entering dragons in the Colosseum competitions. 
18 Do you know that Silver Shrines can become Gold Shrines? 
19 You can upgrade Breeding Habitats to make breeding faster. 
20 Never enter a staring contest with a Lightning dragon. 
21 It’s probably best to stand back while wizards are performing magic. 
22 Don’t worry about where you put Fire dragons; they don’t burn things… much. 
23 Dragon eggs are almost too cool to hatch. Try displaying them instead! 
24 Water dragons don’t do well on land. 
25 You may visit your park from any device with your Game Center account. 
26 You can put incubated dragon eggs on decorative pedestals instead of hatching them. 
27 Come back to your park often to breed limited time dragons. 
28 Mud dragons seem to be attracted to clean carpet! 
29 Gemstone dragons, like the Emerald and Pearl, earn Gems instead of DragonCash! 
30 Big mushrooms are totally safe, but maybe don’t sit under one for too long. 
31 Don’t buy someone a bouquet of Flower dragons. Not as romantic as you’d think. 
32 You can draw fun pictures using different colored paths. 
33 Guests like to look at more than just dragons. Be sure to decorate your park too. 
34 You never know what the wizards will come up with next! 
35 Did you know there is a DragonVale FAQ available in the Options Menu? 
36 Rainbow dragons are very rare but earn cash quickly. 
37 Magic is simply the power of imagination! Oh, and magic wands. 

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