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About Forge of Empires 

Develop your own city through the ages into a glorious empire. Guide it through the ages, research new technologies, expand your empire and live through an epic story. Battle other players and prove your skills as king and warlord.


– Build your city and evolve from the Stone Age to modern times (and beyond).
– Develop new technologies and discover new buildings and goods
– Produce supplies to manufacture goods
– Exchange your goods and trade with your neighbors
– Discover new territories and seize control of the provinces and their rewards
– Use your negotiation or battle skills to take over sector by sector

How to Play Forge of Empires 

More about Forge of Empires Tips


A seemingly obvious, but still ignored by many players. If you want to attain success, learn from those who have already succeeded. It’s not a shame to not know. It isn’t pity to understand from the better ones. It is worth to watche since it can be an inspiration for us how to play. It’s not worth respecting on a poor strategy if only it had been”my strategy.” Better to be a fox — smart and adorable.

I have started from detecting better players as well. I have copied a lot of great ideas that have implemented in my city. The point is not to copy to a playing style any idea”top1″ participant. It is worth to see a group of good players and seeking inspiration for your own game. You could even combine the ideas of different players and create your own good thought.

In the end, you ought to be careful who you are watching. Even among the players that have a lot of points are extremely hopeless circumstances, with an entirely useless cities and fantastic buildings. So you should watch critical — duplicate the fantastic schemes, avoid mistakes.

2. Do not be afraid to inquire

An old proverb says,”that asks, doesn’t err.” Do not raise the pride and honor, and don’t be sure that you know everything the best. Converse to the best players in the machine, together with colleagues in the guild, or with players in a similar stage of the sport as you’re. Thanks to discussing various ideas, concepts, strategies — collectively you’ve got a opportunity to discover a better solution. Others more seasoned will advise you, and if you use their guidance or not — that’s something. Even unknown players in the chat may serve your opinion eg. When it is worth to deliver concrete Bs or how to cross the province. If someone else asks — do not be scared to reply. Help other people, and someone can help you.

3. Strategy and calculate

And, like usual in any plan — you need a plan. A excellent plan. There’s not anything worse than playing cluttered, chaotic game and rashly decisions. There’s also nothing much worse than blind imitation of the better, in case something is currently not profitable for all of us. Which home is for us the most profitable, or if the advantages of putting the GBs will be greater than the cost of its structure. Think long-term — plan your own town in a few eras forward, save resources for afterwards, invest in things which can bring you long-term benefits. Count great deal and at each opportunity. Cold calculation is always better than rashly, sometimes irreversible decision.

4. Join a guild — that is profitable

Even if you do not play too frequently, join a guild. There are numerous players who pretend to be”singles”. Not everybody is a”herd animal” but face it alone you will not conquer the entire world. Membership in the guild is of course obligations, smaller or bigger but always there’s something to do. Nonetheless, it’s also a fantastic chance — for to know new players (and contacts as elsewhere — are constantly needed) is a chance to get a nice and cheap trade, colleagues help with various issues (the conquest of the state, elimination of trade offers or scaffolding) or the motivation for buildings. It is also access to the GBs of different players, in which you may invest. It is also more fun out of the sport. The group always merrier! Also, guilds fighting in GvG that have attained an proper degree, supply daily free points out of the town hall, lower building cost and quicker training troops. Pure profit.

5. Locate friends and get to know your neighbors — they’ll help you in developing

If the guild fails, then you could always depend on friends and neighbors. Neighbors are usually on precisely the same amount of growth because you (similar age), and that means you can barter with them — it’s a significant advantage when you quickly need a few products. We can even inspire them and search for blueprints. Naturally there are bad neighbors who rob us. But most typically is less-or more useful.

Friends are your opportunity to build a grid of regular contributors. Another GBs, motivations and trade offers to which you have access. Don’t hesitate to utilize the help they can provide you in the form of motivation as for instance, when your happiness is down and you immediately need a click of the construction. Only invite a volunteer from chat and issue solved.

Friends and neighbors can also be a opportunity to find trendy guild, which to which you could be encouraged due to your connections. It is an opportunity to speak, meet new people, exchange ideas on the strategy of the sport. Friends are very useful for permanent cooperation with the transaction. You may produce useful links, for example mutually supply each merchandise to which we’ve production bonus.

You should take to heart these few easy and general tips. Shortly we get into more specific strategies to better play, and now we ask for your comments! What advices do you have for players to develop?

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