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Game of Sultans Online Hack Unlimited Diamonds 2019

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About Game of Sultans 

Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan – a king of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been attended to so that players can immerse themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more!

Key Features:
– Become a Sultan – Experience an empire at your command!
– Assemble your harem – Romance beautiful and influential queens!
– Recruit warlords – Rally a fiersome council of historical viziers!
– Raise a family – Lovingly raise your children from childbirth to young adults!
– Join PvP – Marshal your armies against other players worldwide!
– Forge alliances – Make friends and enemies, join the good fight!
– Turkish Coffee – Drink, chat, then listen as the fortuneteller interprets each cup!

How to Play Game of Sultans 

More Game of Sultans Tips

Hint 1: One way which you may update your consorts with no using jewelry is by simply assigning maids for your consorts. Maids are earned randomly, usually from overseas dignitaries from the Imperial Council, also will raise the charm of their consorts. Harness when you find an exclamation point beside the Imperial Council since that means that there are far more rewards.
Hint two : This game is completely loaded with chances to find totally free diamonds. The key free diamond sets are from the Rankings and Divination regions, which offer three chances and one chance every day, respectively. Beyond this, lots of the accomplishments and also the time-sensitive quests may also benefit you with all diamonds.
Hint 3: make sure you hit on the frontier as frequently as possible. Their general attributes will ascertain how much harm they do at the search. From the expedition, it is exactly the same, together with the very best rewards visiting the very best 100 damage traders, as well as the largest rewards about the previous individual to deal damage to the manager.
Hint 4: Be sure to start a marriage or join as swiftly as possible. Unions have their own quests which you may do, in addition to expeditions for much more rewards than you would ordinarily get in single player mode. You are able to contribute diamonds for your marriage, which will permit you to get tokens beforehand. Tokens are a union-only money and may be redeemed for prizes like gold and commander vouchers, in addition to vizier upgrades.
Hint 5: PvP style is completed from the stadium. It is possible to unlock it by updating to Young Sultan V, then it is possible to play it once you’ve a minumum of one vizier at par 60.
Hint 6: Feasts are among the least known regions of the sport, but they may be rewarding if you play them correctly. You pay 100 diamonds so as to maintain a chair at somebody else’s feast. Attend feasts to get store components, which let you buy a variety of items such as orbs and tomes. The tokens come straight away, however the feast meals, feast meals, and feast and feast tokens come later on.

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