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Get ready to be introduced to a wonderful garden, a mansion chock-full of hidden objects, Austin the butler, other fascinating characters, and a storyline packed with unexpected twists!
Decorate the garden however you want by choosing from a wide variety of options: magnificent fountains and statues, unusual topiaries, exotic flowers, and much more. Then go deeper in by unlocking new areas, each with its own novel storyline and unique structures!
Are you ready to find every last hidden object, build the garden of your dreams, and get to the bottom of the secrets it holds?

This game features:
DIFFERENT AREAS IN THE GARDEN WITH UNIQUE STRUCTURES like an old fountain, a mysterious statue, a hedge maze, and many more.
GARDEN DESIGN — make your garden as unique as you want using your favorite decorations.
TONS OF HIDDEN-OBJECT LOCATIONS — rooms upon rooms in the mansion starting down in the basement and climbing all the way up to the roof, with even more locations waiting outside.
LOVELY PET — your new four-legged friend will always be there to cheer you up.
CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING STORYLINE — the unexpected twists and turns will keep you endlessly entertained.
REGULAR UPDATES — new areas in the garden and hidden-object locations as well as new storyline surprises and characters!

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