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About Mu Origin 2

MU ORIGIN 2 brings you the legendary MU kingdom back again, inheriting the classic elements and story that has been beloved by players over 16 years and reinventing the quality and user experience/gameplay.

Let’s return to the classic MU online fantasy mmorpg world. Hold your weapon and regain the MU kingdom.

Intense real-time PvP and cross-server battles
Live auction and unique free trade system, which supports face-to-face trade in the game exclusively
Auto exp and gear collection with idle gameplay
Battle alongside your friends and find them easily with our unique social system.

Modern visual, reconstruct lifelike MU world
Brilliant 3D mmo rpg graphics, magnificent skills and outfits
Exquisite art and design

Choose from 3 Classic characters from MU ORIGIN 2: Swordsman, Mage and Archer. Besides, Diviner and Duel Master are ready there in the future version. Your MU strongest hero is coming!
Customize your character with hundreds of Items, gear, wings and fashion options.

How to Play Mu Origin 2

More Mu Origin 2 Tips

Leveling through Quests
Prioritize doing the Main quests first as they give your character a great deal of EXP and Gold after you completed them. Once you cannot keep on doing the Main quests on account of your personality beneath the level requirement, do the Side quests, followed by the Daily quests. I recommend avoiding the Gather quests because you’ll be killed by higher level players. You are able to tap on the quest you want to finish at the left side of this screen beside the pursuit tab and the match will automatically do the quest for you without you doing anything. New features will be unlocked as you level your personality.

Complete all of the daily Events and Dungeons
Besides EXP, you’ll also obtain different items that are useful to increase your character’s BP. A few of the events/dungeons will provide you activeness points (For your everyday quests) as soon as you complete it. Here are a Few of the daily Events/dungeons I Would recommend doing every day:

Can be done 2 times every day. The higher the ranking, the greater the rewards (Fame and Hero Tokens). Hero Tokens may be traded at the Warrior Shop (Main Menu->Shop ->Warrior Shop).
Demon Hunt Operation (Solo) — You can defeat elite monsters that will fall loot containing weapons and armor.
Property of Trial — Another way of obtaining tons of EXP. Lasts for 30 minutes each day. I strongly advise using EXP cards (200 percent — 300 percent EXP increase ) from your backpack before doing the Property of Trial.
Greed’s Cavern (Solo) — This is among the greatest methods to gain lots of Gold. Can be carried out once per day.
Demons Tower — You may challenge the tower where you can battle against enemies for each floor. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies are better the benefits.
Treasure Map — Could only be achieved if you have’Treasure Map’ items from the backpack.
For the everyday quests, I propose obtaining 150 activeness points every day for the maximum activeness chest rewards.

 Complete the Time-limited Occasions
There are also’Time-limited Occasions’ that you can do for more rewards, Gold and EXP. Assess the rest of the Time for every Time-limited Event so you do not lose out on some of them. Here are some of those’Time-limited Events’ that I would recommend performing:

Ironblood Course (PK) — This mode is a 5v5 multiplayer where the team that does the most harm to the Gargoyle boss will be the winner.
Earth Boss — Every day, world supervisors will spawn frequently in every area where you can kill them for loot (Mainly drops gear).
Trial of Angels — Opens everyday at 12:20. This is where you can harm the boss for rewards. Ranking will be based on how much your personality has coped damage to the boss. The higher the ranking, the better the rewards.
Blood Castle (Multiplayer) — It is possible to team up with other gamers (increased fall rate + EXP) to conquer monsters for EXP and jewels. Requires Transparent Cloak.
Devil Square (Multiplayer) — It is possible to team up with other gamers (increased drop rate + EXP) to defeat monsters for EXP and equipment. Requires Devil Square Ticket.
Do not worry if you miss out any of these Events on this day. You will be able to collect the rewards for the Events that you have missed the next day. To collect them, tap’Bonus’ in the primary menu and then visit’Retrieve’. You may need Pink Diamonds in order to collect them.

Assess your back pack
You may obtain chests or items for your character that you might not even detect so check your character’s back pack to see all the things you have got (Main Menu->Backpack). If you have equipment which has a higher BP than your existing equipment, always replace them to give a free overall BP increase for your character. In case you have chests, right away open these because they feature special items that will help you further into the game. Most items can only be utilized in the Backpack so only tap the item you need to tap and use’Use’. Don’t sell your unwanted equipment as you will be using them as materials for the Horcrux feature in the future.

Upgrade all your character Abilities
As soon as you’ve gained access to your personality skills, be sure that you upgrade all of them to maximize your BP and ability level (Main Menu->Harness the character icon->Ability ). There’ll be a total of 9 abilities that you can update (8 actives + 1 passive) which necessitates Gold. Take note that each subsequent upgrade raises the Gold required to update. When a skill level reaches degree 160, you can trigger its ability Ultimacy to acquire an additional effect of the ability. However, you’ll need an extra thing depending on which ability Ultimacy you pick.

 Enhance all your equipment
In case you have Stone and emperor’s tome, then you can use those to enhance all your equipment to give extra features (Main Menu->Tap the personality icon->Enhance). Each Enhanced degree will require certain types of Gems to be able to improve. There are a number of Methods to obtain Unique Kinds of Gems from the Treasure, Land of Trial, Blood Castle, World Boss, Lost City, and Temple.

You can also move your Boost level from your lower rank equipment to a higher position equipment (Requires Diamonds). In case you have Gems of Health, then you can use it to append your equipment (Upon reaching level 160). The max level of a equipment appending degree is dependent on the rarity of the equipment (For purple gear is level 60 and orange gear is flat 80). Appending amount could be transferred to a new equipment . Benefits of Health could be obtained in the Treasure, Dungeon, Blood Castle and the World Boss.

The crafting attribute (Main Menu->Tap the character icon->Craft) is where you can just craft certain items and equipment. Here are a Few of the items/gear that can be crafted:

Tap on the thing to understand where to obtain them.
Fruit Synthesis — You can craft fruits that could be utilized to improve your character (Requires 150000 Gold, Gem of Maya and Gem of all Creation.
Archangel — Requires 3 equipment of the exact same type.
Gem Crafting — This is where you can update your jewels to increase its stat effect. They are sometimes used to Inset Gems o your gear (Enhance->Inset). Wings
If you’ve Rock’s feather items, you may use them to update your character’s wings to increase its BP (Main Menu->Tap the personality icon->Wings). Each rank has 10 levels. Upon reaching level 10, you may need Hawk’s Spark so as to proceed to the next rank. Rock’s feather things can be gotten in the Dungeon and the Demons Tower.

The Glyph feature will be unlocked upon reaching level 200. To acquire Glyphs, you can get them by purchasing them in the Market or by performing the Lost Tower. Each Glyph contains its own type of stat and set bonus when multiple Glyphs of the same kind is connected (Tap on any of the Glyphs to examine the stats). They can also be enhanced to boost its stats further by using undesirable Glyphs as enhancement substances. Glyphs may be redeemed for substances (Only for gloomy rarity and above).

You may automatically have a spirit for one to equip after you’ve unlocked the Spirit feature. You can also either upgrade your spirits utilizing Crystals or’Star Up’ them utilizing Spirit Stones. There are multiple ways to acquire those + more spirits, by opening the spirit treasure (Main Menu->Boat ->Spirit Treasure) or doing the Spirit Ruins (Unlocks at level 220).

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