Robocar Poli Games and Amber Cars. Boys Games – Gameplay Trailer (Android, iOS)

Robocar Poli Games and Amber Cars. Boys Games – Gameplay Trailer (Android, iOS)

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Join Polly and Amber with their super powers and super wings ? Cleanup games for kids 10 years free and building games for kids! Learning games for kindergarten free

Many incidents happen in Broomstown every day. Cats go missing ?, buildings need to be rebuilt ?, fires need to be put out ? and much more.
Become a brave rescuer and help Robocars in Poli game to save Broomstown and its citizens in kids games for girls and boys games ??.

Kids games for girls and boys are based on an adventure cartoon with robo car called «Robocar Poli». They live in Broomstown, look after its citizens and help in emergencies!

Follow the dispatcher from game robocar poli as she will tell you about all the incidents that happen in town games for toddlers. React immediately, because it might be to put out fire games or another difficult mission! You will have easier missions too: find a missing cat, ??? play fixing games for girls and boys – fix cars ? and school buses ? , rebuild gas stations, play clean up games for girls, building games for kids, put out fire games ??? and other.

Robo car each have different super wings, special skills that can really help you:
Poli is the fastest of all and he will be the first at the incident spot.
Roy is the strongest and can handle a lot he also have super wings to fly over the town.
Amber car is the smartest and will find a solution to any problem.
Helly will cheer your mood at any time!

You will respond to incidents on the City Road, on Bricks Bridge and other locations in game updates to play building games for kids, fixing games for girls and boys and cleaning! Enjoy town games for girls!
There are 10 incidents in every spot in game robocar poli – solve them all and repeat again (we all love playing clean up games for girls). When you complete a mission, you get an item for your city – a bench, a street lamp and others.

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