Scary Killer: Escape House Horror – Gameplay Trailer (Android, iOS Game)

Scary Killer: Escape House Horror – Gameplay Trailer (Android, iOS Game)

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Do you like survival horror games? Scary neighbor, granny and clown are waiting for you in a haunted house ??️? Now you’ve got a great opportunity to try new horror games 2019! There are plenty of terrible things that you need to do to escape scary house alive.

… There is a haunted house on the edge of town. Every night you can hear terrible cries coming from there. Many believe that there is a killer in the scary house and he is so terrible, strong and fast that nobody can hide from the killer. Some people think that there are ghosts of the people who lived in this scary house before. Or maybe there is a ghost of a scary granny… There are rumors, that she was killed by a neighbor. Anyway you shouldn’t go there, because this is a very scary horror game…?

❗ If you still want to do it let me give you some tips ❗

?️ You need to find keys, open doors and new levels. But be careful, because it is very dangerous to stay in this haunted house. The killer is always following you. Your neighbor knows that you want to escape house. Survival horror will never end…

There are plenty of exciting levels and you have to be brave to win. Granny is evil and she wants to catch you. Run fast, get in the cupboard or hide under the bed. You should survive, because nobody knows what granny will do to you.. ? Try new horror games 2019 right now!

The faster your heartbeat, the closer the killer is to you! Use headphones to hear heartbeat better ?

Survival horror is waiting for you… There is evil there that does not sleep. Ghosts are whispering in your ear every step of the way. Your neighbor wants to kill you. Try to hide from the killer and creepy granny, complete quests, find all the keys and escape the house. If you like horror games free, this survival horror is all you need!

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