ShapeHit Android/iOS Game Trailer

Shape Hit is a Colorful game where you rotate the shape to match with the incoming shapes. If you Hit it with the right shape you score. A Fun, Colorful, Vibrant, addictive and intensely challenging game about shapes that Hit each other. The greater your score the difficult it gets.

Can you smash the Competition in Shape hit. Win 10k INR by smashing the competition in this colorful vibrant visual masterpiece. Shape Hit is based on 3 awesome items and these are identifying shapes and colors, matching similar items, and proper development of hand-eye coordination. The best result in kids education can be enjoyed if the entire learning process is set by using a fun and learn teaching methodology. The free android app “Shape Hit” is all about offering an interactive Game platform for awesome folks with shapes and colors and the entire milieu is set in a delightful mode, which is ample entertaining for gamers and a simple but extremely competitive platform for hardcore gamers.
Shape Hit has an Additional Zen mode where you can rotate the shapes all around with beautiful backgrounds and amazing music

Features of Shape Hit:
* Two game Modes
* Unlockable Themes
* 60+ unique shapes in the game
* 20+ Achievements to unlock
* No Annoying ads..only Rewarded videos are present in the game
* Get high scores to climb in the Leaderboard

What’s inside classic mode :
✔ The game starts with simple elementary shapes
✔ Jigsaw puzzle Shapes – Awesome puzzles that you encounter enhance the your instincts and promote critical thinking skills
✔ Match It – Match the incoming shape with the shape in front of you
✔ Critical thinking skills and memory come together in this fun gamemode
✔ Memorize – A great memory game that challenges your attention to details
✔ Fun animations on every page
✔ Play with shapes and puzzles, improve motor skills and the ability to concentrate
✔ The Shapes gets complicated as you progress
✔ Beautiful HD unlockable Backgrounds combined with a rich gameplay

NOTE: Shape Hit is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. A network connection is required to submit your score to the leaderboards

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