Stickman Archer – Zombie Hunter – Gameplay Trailer (Android, iOS)

Stickman Archer – Zombie Hunter – Gameplay Trailer (Android, iOS)

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Zombies are invading the earth, it can also archery. Along the stickman to kill zombies to rescue the world. People may be ordinary people, they are firefighters stickman, truck drivers, farmers stickman, doctors …
Currently the game is best played in a multiplayer game mode. This enables the archer free game to be played by multiple people on a single phone! Each player takes their turn and passes it to the next player when the prompt appears. It is so much fun when you have friends over and it is my preferred way to kill time waiting for food to arrive at restaurants. If you are alone, you can still play against a wide variety of archer kings. These bots are pretty accurate, so be careful!

Game Features:
– Easy to use
– Simple UI
– Fast shoot arrows
– Unlimited arrow ammo
– Every game changing background
– Beautiful graphics and animations
– 5 maps and continue updating: city, desert, beach, mountain, undersea
– 10+ skin with amazing heroes: stick-farmer, stick-doctor, stick-firefighters,…. The UI will make this game become more attractive.

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