Tiny Miners (by Kedoo) – iOS/Android – HD (Sneak Peek) Gameplay Trailer

Tiny Miners by Kedoo (iOS / Android)

Tiny Miners is a twisted fast-paced runner for avid and casual gamers. It combines underground digging with looting resources, crafting equipment and competing in clans.

Start your journey to the Earth’s core, search the soil for treasures, watch out for obstacles that disrupt your path and collect valuable resources. Craft your gear after each level to get prepared for new challenges and quests hidden in the mines.

Tiny Miners is similar to Temple Run-like games but with a top-down perspective. Swipe left or right to avoid obstacles and swipe down to drill through them. Gather dozens of resources on your way down to the core. Experiment with your collected possessions to discover recipes and use them to invent new equipment. It will help you to survive the challenging mines and boost your performance.

Then there are Clans! You can join or create Clans and participate in Clan quests as well as battles to win prizes. An online market allows players to sell and buy resources in addition to equipment which can be shared between friends for free.

Grab your shovel, spade or drill and start digging for coins, crystals, gold and treasures hidden in the soil!

150+ pieces of equipment to make
70+ resources to be gathered
60+ levels from launch
30+ types of obstacles

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